Solutions to Email Errors in Outlook

Email errors have been the loudest errors among the various errors that crop up while performing certain actions in Outlook and they create serious impositions on the users who use this platform to establish operations for some specific task.

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Support to the Email errors 

  1. Set up TCP/IP as the default protocol 

 Step1Open the network connection dialog box 

  • Depending on the version of your Windows, proceed according to it. There is exceptional cases for: 

  1. Windows XP or Windows 2000- Click on the Windows button and type run on the search tool bar. 

  1. Windows Vista- Click on the Windows button. 

  • Type ncpa.cpl and then press Enter to open the “Network Connections window.” 

  • Right-click your connection to the internet, and then click properties. If one connection is displayed in the “Network Connections window”, the connection that you use to connect to the internet must say connected or something. 

  Step2- Verify that the connection uses TCP/IP 

  • On the General Tab, make sure that the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) check box is selected. If it is not, click to select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) check box. 

  1. Email Account settings 

  • Make sure that account settings of your mail are well configured. The account settings must be public to all. The main issue that is associated to this error is the corrupted outlook profile.Heck if any. To resolve this error open control panel>mail> mail accounts>show profiles>create or add a new profile. 

  1. Sending/receiving error: ”Outlook data file can’t be accessed”  

  • This error message triggered while sending and receiving an email. The following reasons are : 

  1. Email has been saved in the wrong location- If you are using multiple Email accounts and data then it might possible that Outlook has saved your email in a different location. To resolve issue, remove your Outlook data files from the account settings and add them again. Now, you are done with this issue. 

  1. Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server 

  • Outdated windows root certificate- Open windows update and look for the new update for root certificates list. If there is any, install them. If you do not find the update then without giving a delay contact outlook support.