Lenovo Modem Troubleshooting

As we all are familiar with the term modem in the world of wireless technology, we are also familiar with the issues that appear while using the device. The issues vary from a minor manual issue to a major technical issue. If you have a decent knowledge about technology then the manual errors are easy to resolve. 

Modem Troubleshooting 

  • Unusual Power issue- Most of the time, the LEDs on the modem do not appear to be on good terms with the device (modem). If there is no LED light then it the issue that you would not be able to access the internet. You could turn off the switch of the device for the moment and turn on it after a small amount of time. This might give you a good relief. However, you could direct contact to Lenovo customer support as it not an issue of the internet service provider. 

  •  Speed of the internet- After serving you a long time, the modem might give you the last taste of its service and would eventually hurt the speed of the internet. Yes, this is the case of changing the modem, but if your modem is brand new then the entire fault is dedicated to your internet service provider. 

Technical Troubleshooting 

  • Check if the modem line is connected to RJ 11 phone jack and not to RJ 45.It is the most important initiative for the technical Troubleshooting. 

  • Check the connection for the modem lines. The modem lines must be connected to wall outlet. Eliminate the devices connected to a telephone or an answering machine. Test to connect with another phone cable and different wall outlet. 

  • Verify that the required drivers are installed on your PC properly. Update your drivers if there is any need to. 

  • Check, there must not be any software that accesses running COM. 

  •  Choosing a right modem is also a judicious attempt to select a modem. If you stuck between the choice of dial up modem and broadband modem then go with the broadband modem. It would give you a better taste of speed. 

Technical issues are not limited to a particular Domain. There are many technical issues that are needed to deal with. It is not always a favorable situation for you to deal with the problems arise while maintaining continuity with your device. Encountering and solving the hostile issues are the real challenges where you need a technical support. Congrats, you have Lenovo Customer care to take care of your all technical queries.