Common iPhone 5 Problems And Their Fixes

.This article will provide you common issues and fixes of iPhone 5 which users face during operating their device. It is very normal to have problems on every second smart phone and they can be resolved out with few simple steps. If you are the user who is facing problems on their iPhone 5 and want a solution you can try the solutions before you go to the service center. iPhone tech support 



1.    iPhone 5 issues with Wi-Fi 

Many users have this problem and they have reported that it occurs when the connection is too slow while in some cases, the connection is on but they can’ connect to the Wi-Fi. Here is some solution. 

  The very first thing you can do is to toggle your Wi-Fi. First off it and then turn on again. Doing it for two or three times can resolve your problem. 

  Secondly, you can toggle Wi-Fi in airplane mode. Go to the settings and then turn on the airplane mode and after some time turn it off. 

  Go to settings>network>tap 1>click forget. Connect it to set up the network again. 

  Also sure about it that the router firmware is up to date or not. 

  Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 


2.    Overheating problem 

The device gets very hot after playing games or operating some apps. 

  To get rid of this problem, kindly let your iPhone cool off for some time completely. 

  Never ever use your device while charging. It reduces the lifetime of the battery. 

  You can also disable sync for safari. Simply go to settings>iCloud 

  To free the space of memory, close some apps and processing that usually run in the background so that you can restart your iPhone. 

  Go to setting>tap reset>reset all settings> 

  Connect your device to the PC. Automatically iTunes software will recognize your device. If it is done, restore it in iTunes summary panel. 


3.    No sim problem 

  Airplane mode should be on and wait for a while and turn it on again. 

  You can also restart your device. 

  Reset your network settings. It might happen that the current network can be deleted but they can be adjusted later. 

  Also check the carrier settings update is available or not. 

  Download and install a new iOS version. 

  If nothing is helping you, simply go to settings>general>reset all settings> 


4.    Vibration not working. 

Some users have reported this problem. 

  To fix the stuck vibration mechanism, tap your device with fingers for many times but gently. 

  Change the settings, it can reduce the problem. Tap sound>ringtone>vibration. Select the vibration pattern which you want to create. 

  Drag the slider and when it is showed to you, now turn off your device. Wait for a while, and press the sleep and wake button to turn on the device. 

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